psychotherapy and counselling

People actively seek to increase personal satisfaction in their lives. They may look for support with a specific issue, want personal growth, or wish to engage in a deeper relationship with themselves and others. Constructive, structured and uncomplicated talking therapy can definitely help.

Counselling typically focuses on present issues; psychotherapy addresses deep-seated patterns of behaviour, feeling and meaning.

Expect to learn more about yourself, build greater awareness of your thoughts and feelings, and understand your effect on people connected to you. Personal history may be explored, as well as behaviour.

complementary health

The benefits and successes of these ancient treatments are recognised. Often ‘complete systems’ in their own right, a complementary therapy can also work in conjunction with other conventional and complementary techniques to encourage and enable healing.

The Terrace gives you access to widely accepted and acknowledged treatments, carried out by qualified practitioners with excellent credentials and proven results.

A complementary therapy can treat specific ailments or promote general well-being and improved health.

manipulation and massage

Remedial massage therapy or manipulation therapy are effective treatments for painful restricted joints and muscles restoring health and well-being.

Body massage therapy is energising and relaxing at the same time! The general effects of massage are brought on by improved circulation, which increases the interchange of body fluids. Massage therapy removes tension from muscles and stimulates the lymphatic system to efficiently remove toxins.

Increased blood supply improves the colour, elasticity and texture of skin, which is softened and moisturised. The client leaves relaxed, soothed and uplifted.