women’s group

Led by Jane Gotto

Joining this women’s group gives participants an opportunity to speak freely of issues which concern them, and learn how others grow through life challenges and joys. Confidentially is upheld so participants feel safe to explore personally and receive caring, creative and supportive feedback. Interesting, intense, heart warming – all describe the experience of being in this on-going women’s group run by Jane Gotto. Working in a single sex group can create a particular magic, bringing together the creativity, support and wisdom of being a woman in this world.

The group is confidential creating a safe environment for women to share and process their experiences and feelings together. The group is limited to eight participants. Some previous experience of personal work would be beneficial but not essential. Each participant would meet with Jane prior to joining the group to discuss what they would like for themselves.

The group is led by Jane Gotto, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, who has run women’s groups for 20 years. Jane founded The Terrace, Humanistic Psychotherapy and Complementary Health Centre in 1994.

The group takes place on Thursdays 1.30pm-4.30pm. Please contact us for the next group dates.

Cost £215 for term of 7 sessions. Deposit: (non refundable) £75.

Call us on 01823 338968 to enquire or email post@the-terrace.co.uk