supervision group

for psychotherapists and counsellors

Led by Jane Gotto,
UKCP Registered Psychotherapist

This new supervision group is for practising therapists who are looking for supervision within a group setting.

Group supervision provides a confidential and contained environment to learn more about yourself and your work through sharing and through other’s sharing their work. Engaging in group supervision can develop and grow a therapist both personally and professionally, increasing feelings of belonging and safety. Working with peers, in a led group, helps reduce isolation and creates the experience of working together with others.

During my 20 years of running The Terrace, Humanistic Psychotherapy and Complementary Health Centre I see that therapists who are well supported do better, feel more confident and work more effectively for themselves, their clients, and with their peers. Whether you want to increase your supervision or are just beginning you are welcome to join.

This supervision group supports this process providing an environment to explore, grow, learn new skills for yourself and be there to support others in this same process.

Jane Gotto is a humanistic psychotherapist and supervisor with a private practice at The Terrace in Taunton and a Post-Graduate Trainer at Spectrum Therapy in London. Jane is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist with over 20 year’s experience and a recognised Spectrum supervisor.

This is an on going group. Please enquire for dates and availability.

If you have not worked with Jane and are interested in joining the group call to arrange a meeting to discuss your interest. To join this group, or learn more, please contact Jane Gotto on 01823 338968 or email