want to speak with a counsellor before booking?

Counselling and psychotherapy are recognised and established tools in supporting people through the ‘tough times’ and grow better relationships.

Why would I come for counselling? Fundamentally people come because they want something different. Individuals, couples, children and families have many reasons, they may feel not ‘right’ but cannot pinpoint the reason or know exactly but need professional input with a difficult conflicted relationship or family issue. Firstly we look to understand what is happening and then at how this can be addressed.

How does it work? An experienced qualified counsellor talks with you, asking you what you would like. Together you discuss how to achieve this. Most people feel relieved after their first session, saying “It went so quickly, I can’t believe I have spoken for 50 minutes”, “I feel lighter”. Counsellors help people resolve issues and feel better about themselves, and support them to make changes.

Contact us to speak with a counsellor to discuss what you are looking for, and to hear how they might work with you. There is no charge for this initial enquiry conversation.

We offer sessions for individuals, couples, children, young people and families. Ring for more information on 01823 338968 or email post@the-terrace.co.uk

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