mindfulness for stress reduction

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Mindfulness teaches us to find a place of stillness and stability in the midst of even the most difficult of circumstances. It enables us to make wiser choices and helps us to cultivate a kinder relationship with ourselves and others.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”     Jon Kabat-Zin

We learn to fully inhabit the present moment. Paying attention to our moment by moment experience, and gently turning away from unhelpful spirals of thinking. We become more able to appreciate what we have, rather than always wanting things to be different, and find healthier ways of being with what it is not possible to change.

Mindfulness has been widely researched, and is evidence based. It has been shown to help people cope with stressful situations, and to better manage anxiety and depression. It is also used in the treatment of physical challenges such as cancer and chronic pain.

In the free Online Introduction to Mindfulness course, simple Mindfulness practices are introduced, and strategies are discussed to help enrich our lives, and learn to navigate its inevitable stresses.

The course consists of four one hour sessions over a four week period.
It includes downloadable practices and handouts.

Dates for the next courses:
Starting Tuesday 11th May, 7-8pm.

Miranda is also running free online Mindfulness sessions
These sessions are open to anyone, though if you haven’t any previous experience of Mindfulness, and want a bit more instruction, you might like to sign up for the introductory course as well.

These sessions run on:
Mondays 10.30-11.30pm and
Thursdays 7.00-8.00pm

All sessions take place on Zoom

Contact us to book by email post@the-terrace.co.uk or call 01823 338968

Miranda Bevis