Lose weight naturally

By Claire Kimber, Nutritional Therapist

With all the diets, detoxes and rapid weight loss programmes out there at the start of this New Year, how do you know which is the best for losing weight—and keeping it off?
Research shows… none of them are!

The standard diet paradigm has been to restrict calories on a long-term basis, which naturally leads to yo-yo dieting, since this method of weight loss is not sustainable. Not only does this weight loss method lower your metabolic rate, but it also depends on willpower alone to fight impulses – hard! Studies show that this is unlikely to work in the long run and can actually have the opposite effect.

It’s important to recognise that multiple factors interfere with the body’s ability to lose weight and keep it off. Research shows that the simplistic “calories in, calories out”, which is the standard diet parading theory that may have been effective decades ago, doesn’t work anymore. A number of factors can influence the accumulation of excess fat tissue:
• stress
• hormonal imbalance
• gastrointestinal/digestive dysfunction
• neurochemical imbalances
• sedentary lifestyle
• a poor diet high in refined and processed foods (malnutrition)

A safe, long-term solution would be to address internal factors as well as external factors with a program of nutrition, activity, and supplementation based on an individual’s unique needs.

The best way to lose weight is by losing it naturally.

The most important thing to remember is that everyone’s body is different, so the same weight loss techniques that work for your friend or work colleague may not work for you.

Listen to your body.

Give it the nutrients it needs, and remove the toxins it doesn’t. You’ll be surprise how easy weight management can be when your body’s happy!
Working with a qualified Nutritionist/Nutritional Therapist who can create a personalized diet and lifestyle plan, can make the process easy and life-changing.

Happy 2020!

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