Could nutritional therapy be for you? Pop in on 18th May!

Although it officially started at the end of March, spring is finally in the air! Winter has been holding on bringing with it cold, dark days which can have a detrimental effect on our health.
So here are a number of health signals that mean your body may need a gentle nudge towards the transition into spring/summer:

  • You have gained a few extra pounds and/or bloat after overindulging.
  • Puffiness around the face, particularly around the eyes and dark circles.
  • Energy is low and motivation is lower.
  • Sleep is disturbed and find that you are not refreshed after a night’s sleep
  • You have become dependent on stimulants to keep you going such as sugar, coffee and tea.
  • You often have a glass of wine or 2 in the evening to ‘relax’ and ‘unwind’ whilst making dinner or after the kids have gone to bed.
  • Exercise has reduced or ground to a halt
  • The ‘white’ carbs have crept back into your meals (breads, pastas, rice) and you are feeling bloated.To compensate for nutrient losses and drain on our systems at the end of the dark seasons we can focus on:
  • Mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga, knitting etc., good sleep hygiene and spending quality time with family and friends in the outdoors. There is a reason that we associate sunlight with lighter moods, as it provides us with the vital Vitamin D we need to feel-good, to have a more robust immune system, improve our blood sugar regulation and build stronger bones for movement and vitality.
    Stress can deplete us of essential nutrients such as B vitamins, zinc, magnesium and vitamin C so it is important to focus on eating more fresh fruits, vegetables and salald as the stressful winter comes to a close.
  • Move, move and keeping moving! Lymph (our internal drainage system) is totally dependent on physical exercise to move. Any movement is beneficial when it comes to health and our innate detoxification systems. It can also make a significant difference to weight management and mental wellbeing.
  • Keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of fresh filtered water. The lymph system is 96% water, so it is dependent on water for it to flow freely. Be mindful of topping up water levels throughout the day and avoid those dehydrating drinks such as caffeine-based beverages, carbonated drinks and alcohol!
  • Increased intake of vegetables and plant protein provides essential fibre and vitamins so that we normalise transit time and provide our intestines with the food it needs to keep itself in-check.

    On Friday the 18th May, during Mental Health Awareness week, we are holding an open event here at The Terrace which Claire Kimber our Nutritional Therapist and Coach to look at support for your brain and body. Whether you are looking for ‘good mood food’, weight management or sports nutrition, see how Claire can create a plan that is right for you and give yourself a ‘Spring Clean’ to get yourself fit for the exhilarating summer season ahead. Drop in from midday-2.30pm.

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