Prepare your immune system

As autumn gets it’s grip on us, many may succumb to colds and other illnesses.  There are many things you can do to help fight off winter viruses such as taking regular doses of vitamin C, taking Echinacea and turning to Reflexology to fortify thereflexology system.

Prevention is always better than cure and the best way to keep away flu, colds, fever and infections is by strengthening the natural protection mechanism of the body – immune system, so that it can effectively fight off these problems.  The added strain on everyone’s immune system today should warn us to find time to unwind and relax. Only when the body is well balanced is a person in good shape to ward off illness. Reflexology is a gentle way of giving yourself time out and while getting the extra benefit of stimulating the immune system.

Reflexology may help relieve congestion, aid circulation, relax muscles, calm overactivity in any part of the body, and stimulate underactivity. It may improve cooperation and coordination between the bodily systems. It is a gentle therapy that aims to encourage the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance.

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