Get beach ready with lymph drainage

The body is a wonderful thing, made up of so many different parts all working in harmony with each other.  As with all things, it only takes small changes to affect the whole, and within the body this can manifest itself in many forms. Lymphatic drainage massage therapy works to improve the body’s circulation and removal of fluid waste through the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system has many essential functions to perform in the main scheme of things, but unlike the blood system, does not have a central pump for it to work effectively.  The reduction of excess fluid in the tissues is removed and filtered by the lymph system, and these excess fluids are returned to the bloodstream.  When the system becomes sluggish or blocked, pockets of fluid can build up in the extremities causing puffiness in the ankles, feet and hands.

A manual lymphatic drainage massage clears the main drainage and return points of the system, and then works from the feet or hands back through the main node points towards the stomach or clavicle area where fluid is returned to the bloodstream.  The massage differs from usual massage in its sequence and by the slow, methodical and pumping movements as the fluid is moved manually.

Still a relaxing massage to receive, it has the added benefit to reinvigorate a sluggish lymph system, reduce fluid build-up and to reduce lethargy, benefiting skin tone and giving a wonderful detoxifying effect.

This treatment is very beneficial to clients with oedema or areas of cellulite. With regular treatments, the lymphatic system can be stimulated to gradually remove these areas of excess fluid and fatty deposits, and together with moderation to diet and lifestyle, the results are clearly visible.

Sandra Abrahams at The Terrace offers this treatment at a reduced Summer discount at £50 per session (until end August). Call 01823 338968 to book or email

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