Anger is an ally

Jenner Roth - anger is an ally

Jenner Roth

Following on from our last post, we would like to share with you a really interesting read about anger. Written by Jenner Roth (founder-director of Spectrum) and originally printed in 1994, it looks at working with anger and its manifestations.

Most people think of anger as synonymous with violence. Their image of anger is of somebody hitting or throwing something or being physically threatening. This is not anger; this is somebody who is out or control, violent or abusive. It is really important to differentiate between anger and violence, because it is violence and malevolence that destroy a relationship, not anger.

This article has helped many of The Terrace’s clients to feel ok in voicing their anger and we hope you find it of benefit too.

Download your copy of the artice ‘Anger is an ally’ here

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