Don’t waste it: Healthy Halloween pumpkin soup!

images (8)We are coming up to Halloween (the 31st is on Saturday this year, so more parties and trick or treating than usual we think!) and love it or loathe it (and many do hate it, especially those living alone who dread the knock on the door…) the one thing that is certain is that there will be lots of gorgeous pumpkin flesh thrown on the compost. All those fabulous Jack O’Lanterns that sit on the window ledge for one night produce enough to feed us all till Guy Fawkes night five days later.

Many people think pumpkin is bland, and even unpleasant. In the US they have it sussed, using it in any number of sweet and savoury recipes, but we are slower to pick up on the opportunity to avoid wasting what we scoop out.

So here at The Terrace we thought we would offer one of our healthy recipes which finds a way to use the pumpkin and pack it full of flavour.

So you will need:

1½ kg pumpkin, scooped out and chopped roughly

An onion, chopped (or a couple of leeks works too)

Rapeseed oil

A 400ml can of light coconut milk

Thai red curry paste (about 3 tablespoons depending on how much of a kick you want!)

Salt and black pepper

A sprinkle of ground ginger

850ml of low salt vegetable (or chicken) stock)

First of all, roast the pumpkin  for 30 mins in a hottish oven  (200C or gas 6), tossing it in two tablespoons of the oil seasoned with the salt and pepper.
Whilst that is cooking, put another 2 tablespoons of oil in a frying pan and cook the onion and ginger together over a low heat for about 10 minutes. Stir in the pumpkin and curry paste and then the coconut milk and the stock.

download (7)You only have to simmer this for a few minutes (check the pumpkin is tender) then leave to cool before whizzing it in a blender (not all at once!) until smooth. Then all you have to do is reheat as much as you need and taste to check whether it requires more seasoning. Serve with a swirl of the coconut milk and a chunk of crusty wholemeal bread. Delicious – and there will be enough left to freeze for later.

So as you prepare for Saturday night, why not get the cauldron out and stir up a real treat?!

Do you have any favourite pumpkin recipes? We would love to hear from you….

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