Month: March 2015

On transformation and facing your fears – the role of mindfulness on the journey to peace

Mindfulness is something we are deeply committed to here at The Terrace, and have offered a number of blog posts highlighting the value of poetry in the promotion of stillness and being present in the moment. So when we came across the poem reproduced here today, we just had to share it. Called Unconditional, it is…

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‘Boys don’t cry’ – Will the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation help men open up?

The Guardian newspaper reported today that former star of the Premier League, Clarke Carlisle, has said he felt “no shame” about his suicide attempt in December 2014, when he was ‘incredibly unwell’. The former Burnley and Leeds United  footballer  stepped in front of a 12-ton lorry on the A64 near York and was seriously injured….

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More mindfulness practice: Jumping in puddles – cultivating a ‘beginner’s mind’

Many of you will have read our mindfulness posts in the past, perhaps learning some tips to try, or some poetry to focus on as you work to stay in the present moment. It isn’t always easy to make the necessary space and time in our busy lives, but the medical profession has at last…

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