Month: August 2014

A ‘let’s talk!’ book recommendation: Emotional Geology by Linda Gillard

Occasionally, here at The Terrace, we like to suggest books, films or programmes that we have enjoyed and which we think you will find interesting and thought-provoking. So today we have a review of Emotional Geology, written by Linda Gillard and available in paperback or on Kindle. Following the lead character, Rose Leonard, as she…

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Exam results: some quick tips to deal with the stress of results day & beyond

Well today was the day for thousands of young people waiting for GCSE results, last week it was A and AS level results. Both can make or break ambitions for further education or training places. It can be a time of euphoria or despair and whatever the outcome it is important to take care of yourself,…

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Dealing with anger in angry times (1)

Do you sometimes open a newspaper, or turn on the television and almost immediately feel your blood boil? Does the language used by politicians and presenters seem designed to raise your blood pressure? Does the shouting, drama and fear expressed in TV soaps or reality shows make you feel ‘on edge’? Sometimes it seems we…

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