Taking time out; taking charge

jk_timeout2Sometimes one wonders how we ever managed without social media. The new contacts we make; the opportunities to share our experience and to tell the world about things that are important to us; the learning experience and access to information that keeps us up to date with what is going on in the world and the speed with which this can be achieved – it is nothing short of a revolution.

But with the revolution must come the revelation – that we must ensure we make time for ourselves and to take charge of our involvement on the world wide web, rather than letting it take control of us. Twitter, Facebook, blogging etc etc can all become addictive. We fear we will miss something on one or other of our timelines. Perhaps, if we don’t post anything for a few days, people will think we have given up or gone out of business. Companies who write on using social media stress how much, how often and when you should post. God forbid you miss the right time slot, when all your potential readers are online!

Of course it doesn’t have to be like this, and more and more people and businesses are recognising that this 24/7 availability can be draining, and counter-productive. You must engage and offer people something they want to read – how can you do that when it becomes harder and harder and keep up with this mad virtual social whirl?

So here at The Terrace we are giving ourselves some ‘time out’. We will be quiet for a while, recharging, restoring and replenishing our stores of energy. A two week break is all we need to ensure we are here to offer interesting insights and content over the summer months. There are exciting things to talk about on our return, featuring film, poetry and reports on our well-being and mindfulness sessions and we will continue with our determination to highlight the dangers to our children and young people, and FGM. We appreciate those who read our blog and want to make sure our posts are informative and interesting.

Do let us know how and when you have ‘taken a break’ from social media. Many more are taking a break and taking charge and perhaps it is an option we should all consider.

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