Month: May 2014

Keeping our kids safe – the adolescent brain

Here on ‘let’s talk!’ we are committed to bringing you news and views on the challenges young people face as the move towards adulthood. Our under 11s are taught about ‘stranger danger’, have their first lessons about sexuality and begin to take their first, independent trips to shops, school etc. Essentially however, they are still…

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Taking time out; taking charge

Sometimes one wonders how we ever managed without social media. The new contacts we make; the opportunities to share our experience and to tell the world about things that are important to us; the learning experience and access to information that keeps us up to date with what is going on in the world and…

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More poetry for mindfulness: Keeping Quiet by Pablo Neruda

Why do we find it so hard to be, simply, still? Here at The Terrace we are lucky enough to have an expert mindfulness practitioner, Miranda Bevis. Her experiences have been immensely positive, both personally and professionally and she is keen to share the  life enhancing nature of mindfulness, which is now being taken up as an…

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