Fuzzy, heavy head?

Have you escaped the UK for some winter sun, or even struggling with hayfever? Different conditions can leave us with a slightly uneven inner ear pressure, leading to feelings of ‘fuzzy head’, ‘dull hearing’ or ‘heavy head’.  These are not uncommon and can be easily remedied before we head into the summer months.

heavy head
Hopi Ear Candling, or Thermo Auricular Therapy, is an ancient and totally natural therapy that has been handed down through many civilisations. The specially made Ear Candles of rolled unbleached cotton, are brushed with high quality honey extracts and essential oils.  The candles work on a ˜chimney” principle and the gentle vibration acts to softly massage the ear, and the rising air gives the ear drum a gentle massage helping to regulate pressure. The warmth from the candles stimulates blood circulation which strengthens the immune system and enhances lymphatic circulation.

Also helpful for excessive or compacted ear wax, snoring, sinusitis, r

hinitis, glue ear, headache/migraine, tinnitus, neuralgia, Meniere’s disease – the treatment is relaxing, non-invasive and includes a facial lymphatic drainage with a tailor made blend of essential oils.

Sandra Abrahams works from The Terrace on Wednesdays and this is one her highly recommended therapies.

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